Work-life Balance: Women, Walk an Extra Mile

This International Women’s Day Rabea Saeed-Hassan, Editor, Dubai Diaries, writes about walking an extra mile for self-care and self-love.

International Women’s Day celebrates the essence of being a woman; achieving laurels in all fields of life, becoming the perfect mother and wife, and being a continuous nurturing support that keeps on giving. These qualities, on one hand, recognise the force that women are; fierce, unstoppable and determined. On the other hand, these also indicate that there is too much on the plate for women. In every field, women walk an extra mile to show what they have got.

Eventual questions which then come up are: Are we independent and strong women successfully maintaining the work-life balance? If so, then at what cost? Is it our health, our sanity or our individuality that we are compromising?

Work-life balance is the ability to effectively manage work responsibilities and personal commitments while also maintaining health, happiness and well-being. Although maintaining this balance is a necessity for us women, it can be challenging for many, particularly those who work in demanding or high-stress jobs or those who have equally dependent family structures.

Be it workplace or home, women are often found on either sides of the tipping scales. They are the ones who have to make the choice.  Isn’t ‘Mom-guilt’ a reality for many women out there ? Are we not in a constant state of conflict because we prioritised a business meeting over a family dinner ?  

Many women put in long-working hours just to show that they can stay back as their male colleagues do and equally contribute to professional and social commitments. Adding on to  these conditions and situations, when it is the time for promotion we women are usually passed over because employers assume our hands are too full with personal duties. We are required to walk an extra mile to show we are equals but now is the time that we change these norms.  We can walk an extra mile but lets’ walk for ourselves. 

Let’s say no when we cannot do something and then not feel guilty about it. Let’s learn to say no when extra favours have been asked for. Let’s learn to say no when our health and well-being is being compromised. We need to be true to ourselves. Little measures like setting priorities, communicating effectively, taking some time off, practising self-care, and seeking support can help us maintain work-life balance in a healthier way.

Yes, it is easier said than done but then every step counts. Let’s take the first step together on this International Women’s Day!  

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