WGS 2024: AI Capabilities on Full Display at Government Creativity Session

In a live demonstration during the Government Creativity session held in the Dubai Municipality Hall as part of the World Governments Summit (WGS) 2024, AI technology answered a question about creativity, defining it as “the ability to generate innovative ideas, combine concepts and unleash ideas, and find new ways of expression.”

Jonathan Ross, Founder and CEO of Groq, conducted the live conversation experiment with the new programme – chatbot – and asked it to provide questions suitable to an interview with a Prime Minister, to which the programme, within seconds, provided a list of tips and guidelines needed to conduct such interview, most notably understanding, respect, and brevity.

Ross said that technology is not science fiction, but rather a set of open models that technology companies have developed very quickly into programmes and algorithms.

He noted that governments should provide these automated platforms and make sure that AI works to increase talent and the safety of communities.

Source: WAM

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