The Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation

The Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation has displayed several charitable contributions since its inception in 2017

Youmi Beauty, a renowned, Dubai-based, professional beauty and hair care brand founded by mega beauty influencer and businesswoman, Youmna Khoury, reveals its CSR efforts and charity initiatives in partnership with the Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation.

Youmna Khoury, philanthropist and Founder of Youmi Beauty, spent 12 of her formative years living at an orphanage following the passing of her father as a child. Despite the challenges, she has gone on to become one of the Middle East’s youngest successful entrepreneurs, making waves in the fashion and beauty industry. Overcoming adversity on her road to success, Youmna cemented her passion for giving back to the less fortunate as she started the Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation.

The compassionate charity focuses specifically on giving back to children’s orphanages, charities aiding the disabled, and countries in need. She holds the less fortunate very close to her heart and implemented 25% of all generated sales of Youmi Beauty redirected towards these charities to make a positive difference in these deprived communities.

The Youmi Beauty Charity Foundation has displayed several charitable contributions since its inception in 2017. Most recently, the charity sent 300 aid kits to families in Syria following the catastrophic earthquake in February this year. Previously, 2023 kits were delivered to school students in Lebanon to help with educational needs, such as notepads, pencil cases, and school uniforms. On the Christmas of 2022, the Youmi Beauty team visited both a monastery and an abbey in Lebanon with kits of food supplies. On the Christmas of 2021, food and other necessities were sent to children’s orphanages, and in 2018, Youmna took care of elderly
women from a local abbey at her beauty salon.

Youmi Beauty is a cosmetics brand driven by embracing the most beautiful version of oneself and inspires all women of the world to feel confident and empowered. The brand’s product offerings include its famed coloured contact lenses, complemented by eyelashes, hair extensions, a hair dryer kit, and a hair curler kit. The team is currently planning to expand its product offering into skincare and perfume by 2023, and Youmna is also working on different fields of investments in the business realm including
opening a 2-in-1 clinic and a beauty salon, first in Dubai and then following up with another location in Saudi Arabia, as well as an additional Youmi Beauty office in Saudi Arabia.

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