Medcare Hospital Al Safa Performs life-saving Vascular Surgery

Ms. Vivienne Alison Davidson, a 72-year-old UK expat, overcame severe carotid artery stenosis, a condition that caused her to have two recurrent strokes, through a complex surgical intervention carried out at Medcare Hospital Al Safa. Ms. Vivienne was in danger of having recurrent strokes due to her critical medical condition, but Dr. Saher Arour, a consultant vascular surgeon at Medcare, effectively managed her condition, providing her with a whole new chance at life again.

The patient had previously experienced two strokes when she met Dr. Saher Arour at Medcare Hospital Al Safa for her urgent health checks. Dr. Saher was concerned about Ms. Vivienne’s neurologic condition, so he suggested that she have her neck arteries tested, which is when the doctor discovered that she had an acute obstruction of blood supply to her brain due to artery blockage, also known as cerebrovascular insufficiency. This blockage was caused by significant stenosis, or narrowing of the arteries. Her carotid arteries, the main blood channels that supply blood to the brain, had shrunk by 70% on the right side and 80% on the left.

The patient also had a history of atrial fibrillation, which causes an erratic and often abnormally high heartbeat. Her condition was exacerbated by the anticoagulant medicine she had previously taken to avoid blood clots after the strokes, necessitating a thorough assessment and a multidisciplinary medical approach.

Dr. Saher Arour sheds light on the intricacies of the case, stating, “Ms. Vivienne’s situation was indeed challenging. The high-grade stenosis, severe buildup of calcium, and abnormal bending of the carotid arteries required careful consideration. Our goal was to address the acute cerebrovascular insufficiency while navigating the complexities posed by the patient’s medical history.”

“After thorough discussions involving vascular surgery, neurology, cardiology, and intensive care, we devised a two staged approach to reopen both the left and right arteries respectively. The first procedure involved a left carotid endarterectomy to remove the build-up of plaques that caused the narrowing of the artery which was then closed using a plastic patch under continuous brain perfusion protection with intraoperative shunt. Subsequently, the second procedure entailed stent implantation for the right carotid artery to reopen it. This strategic plan aimed at addressing the high-grade stenosis and minimizing the risk of future cerebrovascular events,” he added.

Patients with carotid artery narrowing have an increased risk of stroke as the degree of narrowingincreases. While some % of narrowing is common with age, Ms. Vivenne had a carotid artery narrowing of more than 70%, which increases her risk of stroke significantly year on year.

Ms. Vivienne is currently in the recovery phase, with promising signs of improvement, and she can now walk short to medium distances and climb stairs without panting or shortness of breath but most importantly the risk of another stroke occurring has now been aligned with that of a normal person her age.

Ms. Vivienne expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am deeply grateful for the exceptional care I received from Dr. Saher Arour and the entire medical team at Medcare Hospital Al Safa”. Their attention and competence significantly improved my condition. I am on the mend and sincerely appreciate the personalized care I received.”

“I hope my case serves as a cautionary account for others, encouraging them to have their arteries and cholesterol levels examined on a regular basis. She further added, “People need to be proactive in preventing the unexpected onset of strokes”.

The success of Ms. Vivienne’s case not only marks a significant achievement in individual patient care, but also sets a benchmark for advanced vascular treatments in the UAE and beyond.

Reflecting on the broader implications of the success of the case, Dr. Saher stated, “This caseopens new possibilities for patients facing similar conditions in the region. It signifies a breakthrough in vascular care, setting a precedent for future cases and elevating the standard of healthcare in the UAE. We are proud to contribute to advancements in the field and provide patients with cutting-edge solutions for complex vascular conditions.”

Ms. Vivienne’s journey to recovery stands as a testament to the expertise and dedication of the medical team at Medcare Hospital Al Safa, led by knowledgeable medical experts like Dr. Saher Arour. This medical triumph not only transforms individual lives but also leaves an indelible mark on the broader healthcare landscape, showcasing Medcare’s commitment to pioneering advancements and raising the bar for medical excellence in the UAE and beyond.

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