Elevate Ramadan with the INFINITI QX60

Ramadan is not just an annual season but a cherished month that brings people together. From the soft glow of the early morning to the serenity of dusk, families and friends find harmony in shared meals and heartfelt conversations, discovering the joy of unity in every smile and act of kindness. This closeness, this intimate journey of discovery and togetherness, resonates with the spirit of the INFINITI QX60, in which loved ones gather, sharing stories and creating memories on their way to outdoor trips, surrounded by the luxury that turns every drive into a journey of comfort and discovery.

The QX60 redefines the concept of outdoor gatherings, adding a touch of Ramadan’s splendor to every moment. Inside, passengers are greeted with plush seating that offers comfort as inviting as the season itself, while a Bose® Premium Audio System fills the cabin with harmonious melodies. Above, an expansive panoramic moonroof draws the evening sky into the vehicle, setting a celestial stage for passengers to break their fast under the stars, enveloped in the soothing embrace of the world around them. Further enhancing the QX60’s role in enriching Ramadan evenings are thoughtful vehicle add-ons like the flexible seating that allows you to create more passenger or cargo space according to your needs.

Designed with families in mind, the journey to the perfect picnic spot is an experience in itself, courtesy of the QX60’s sophisticated ensemble of features. The Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system promises precise handling over any terrain, while Intelligent Cruise Control makes for smooth passage on the journey to Iftar, allowing families to reflect and bond en route. At the heart of the travel experience is the INFINITI InTouch™ system, offering connectivity and entertainment options that integrate seamlessly. Meanwhile, safety is never an afterthought, with Predictive Forward Collision and Blind Spot Warning standing guard, providing a sanctuary on wheels where families can feel secure as they traverse the roads.

The meticulous craftsmanship of the QX60 elevates it beyond mere transportation to become a vessel that doesn’t just facilitate movement but fosters the togetherness and heartfelt celebration that form the cornerstone of the holy month. To explore the QX60 and book a test drive, visit your nearest Arabian Automobiles center in Dubai, Sharjah or the Northern Emirates.

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