UAEU Keeps Pace with the “Year of Sustainability” with Strategic Research Projects and High-Quality Outcomes

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) University, since its inception in 1976, promotes environmental sustainability through interdisciplinary research and academic programs that enhance sustainability and environment-related knowledge and sciences. The UAE University, through its nine colleges and different research centers, has the capabilities to achieve qualitative leaps by enabling research in different areas related to sustainability. 

Prof. Ahmed Ali Murad, Associate Provost for Research, said that UAE University is keeping pace with the “Year of Sustainability” through high impact scientific research. The UAE University identified sustainability and environment as one of its research priorities in the 2023-2026 Research and Innovation Strategy, in response to the national vision that supports the promotion of climate action and environmental sustainability. The University has also prepared national cadres that contribute to achieving national priorities in climate neutrality.

Dr. Ahmed Murad added that to promote sustainability and contribute to the goals of sustainable development, the UAE University launched the Sustainable Development Goals Research Program in 2021 with 56 different research projects and participation of 256 students from various colleges. The topics include overcoming poverty and hunger, sustainable cities and communities, and life below water. The second round will start this year with 104 research projects and participation of 464 students from various colleges in topics related to quality education, clean water, sanitation, and life on land.

He indicated that UAE University, through faculty members, researchers, and students, has prepared national teams to contribute to promoting sustainable development and overcome climate change challenges. The researchers of UAE University published 3,693 research papers related to sustainable development goals, according to Scopus data during the period from 2017-2022. This is equivalent to 41% of the total research papers published during that period, confirming the pioneering role of the university in finding scientific solutions and recommendations that contribute to achieving environmental sustainability. The researchers also published 275 research papers in relation to SDG 13 on climate action.

He added that there are 15 research studies focusing on various topics related to sustainability and climate action such as carbon emissions, carbon footprint, circular economy, climate change, environmental preservation, energy efficiency, environmental impact, sustainability, zero waste, greenhouse gases, and renewable energy.

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