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UAE-based Burger Joint Pickl Enters Metaverse

On a Mission to Conquer its Presence in the Metaverse, UAE-Based Burger Joint, Pickl, Reveals its First Look into the Restaurant’s Virtual Space

Pickl, Dubai’s favourite award-winning burger joint, has released its first sneak-peek virtual tour to provide burger enthusiasts with a glimpse into what they can expect from the brand’s virtual restaurant in the metaverse.


Pickl’s meticulously-selected and detailed “meta restaurant” was carefully designed to replicate each feature available at its physical outlets. From its much-loved pink accents seen around the venue, to its framed Pickl favourites hung across the walls, the virtual restaurant is fully-equipped to welcome both its existing “fans”, and curious palates from across the globe to virtually tour its soon-to-open space.

With an area of 2,000 sq ft, the venue will host exclusive brand-themed games and sell virtual apparel and Pickl-inspired NFTs, which can be redeemed for physical items, or be used as virtual apparel to customize their avatar. To match the brand’s ambitious plans to bring food delivery into the virtual world, and in true Pickl fashion to “challenge the norm”, the restaurant will also feature a designated area for delivery riders to allow UAE-based users to place their orders while in the metaverse and receive the delivery in the physical world.


The virtual restaurant is set to tell the same story built on the brand’s mission and values, which hugely contributed to becoming one of the UAE’s most highly-regarded burger joints, and winning the ‘Best Burger Restaurant’ at the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards 2022; both of which demonstrates the success Pickl has experienced since inception in 2019.

Pickl founder and CEO Steve Flawith said, “Our Pickl restaurants across the UAE have always been places to spend time and enjoy yourself, and Pickl in the metaverse will be no different. Our virtual Pickl will have everything that makes our physical outlets special, plus much more thanks to the limitless possibilities of the metaverse. We look forward to welcoming guests soon and showing you the next evolution of Pickl!”

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