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Khalifa Fund Launches “ENT-preneur” Podcast Series

The podcast to focus discussion on insights from a UAE enterprise’s perspective, ranging from a wide selection of industries including fintech, e-commerce, and food tech

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has announced that the first episode of its much-awaited “ENT-preneur” podcast series now available to listen and download, to put the spotlight on the UAE’s entrepreneurial success stories in a bid to elevate existing businesses and educate established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

ENT-preneur will feature one-on-one interviews, insightful discussion and business pitch content with renowned local entrepreneurs. The podcast strives to make entrepreneurship more accessible and understandable for a wider audience.


Alia Al Mazrouei, CEO of Khalifa Fund, said, “As an entrepreneur, the success of your venture depends on your ability to continuously grow and learn and the best way to learn is from other people’s experiences. The podcast is being launched with an aim to bring forth insightful lessons, stories, and information from people who are already where the listeners want to be. This will hopefully help entrepreneurs save months, years, and perhaps even decades on their entrepreneurial journey.”

She added, “Through this podcast, we aim to showcase that entrepreneurship is open to all that have the mindset of overcoming inevitable challenges and can persevere. This journey is highly rewarding in every way and once you take the plunge you don’t want it any other way. I highly urge any aspiring entrepreneur and those passionate about enterprise to tune in for the remarkable conversations.”

The Arabic-only ENT-preneur podcast will release new episodes on a monthly basis. The podcast is set to discuss a vast range of entrepreneurial topics, such as the importance of youth considering entrepreneurship as a career path, entrepreneurship being open to all, the challenges of entrepreneurship and how past failure can build future success.

The podcast will be available on different platforms, including Spotify, Podeo, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.


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