Contactless, Crypto Payments for Meals at Orderific

Customers can experience Orderific at Urban Fresh and Fatima Restaurant in the UAE

As we enter the next digital era where cryptocurrency is geared to reign supreme, businesses in the food and service industry are quickly adapting to the ever changing hospitality landscape – from contactless ordering to seamless payments using cryptocurrency.

“In a world increasingly oriented towards digital innovation and contactless interaction, Orderific embodies the future of restaurant dining.” says Manoj Kumar, founder of Orderfic. “The pandemic has demonstrated society’s resilience to cope with change and employ new means for day-to-day living. With a global shift from traditional cash to cryptocurrency, Orderific now introduces a mechanism for paying for meals using cryptocurrency, never straying far from societal and digital advancements to enhance means of living in a time of increased dependency on technology.” he added.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency, it is a digital currency that employs a decentralized system, rather than the traditional centralized authority for cash as a medium of exchange. Orderific’s advanced concept allows customers to efficiently browse menus from a plethora of restaurants through a smart QR menu, after which they are able to place an order and pay for their meals without the need of direct contact with an employee.

Manoj Kumar further commented: “Cryptocurrency is never far from headlines these days. Above all, this technology benefits both customers and business owners through faster turnover rates and shorter waiting times while increasing both revenue and customer satisfaction in a pledge to maintain existing customers, attract new restaurants, and improve the reputation of Orderific.”

Through the vision of innovating the hospitality sector and increasing the proportion of Smart Restaurants within the UAE, Orderific reflects the drive of a nation that aims to innovate, develop and invent new, effective, efficient technologies that improve overall performance of industries. 

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