Virsec at GISEC 2022

Rahil Ghaffar, Regional Director Virsec, highlights New Deterministic Platform at GISEC 2022

Virsec, the first cyber security company to fully protect software as it is running, participated at GISEC 2022, held from March 21-23, 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. They showcased their recently launched Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP). DPP is the next evolution of the company’s flagship and award-winning Virsec Security Platform (VSP), the first solution that could eradicate threats to the software workload at runtime in real-time.

Rahil Ghaffar, Direcor Sales, Middle East and Africa, Virsec

Rahil Ghaffar, Regional Director Sales Middle East and Africa, Virsec, further elaborated the discussion as he conveyed the company’s message: “ We have been to able to introduce our newly launched Deterministic Protection Platform (DPP) which ensures deterministic protection against all known and unknown threats to software server workloads.“

Dubai Diaries: Tell us about your participation at GISEC this year – what did you focus on and what did you achieve?

Rahil Ghaffar: Virsec is growing in the Middle Eastern market and plans to continually invest in the region by providing the best in-class cybersecurity to customers. Organizations today are looking at automating and reducing operational expenses without compromising on the security benefits of any solution – they have already started moving towards a hybrid model and are expecting solutions to gear up to this need. At GISEC 2022, we provided our customers and partners with the knowledge of true runtime protection, and the need for it, allowing them to understand how DPP by Virsec makes security response obsolete by offering automated protection that conventional, probabilistic solutions do not currently offer.

DD: How have cyberattacks against corporate networks increased over the past year?

RG: During the pandemic, and even now as we come out of the lockdown, we have been witnessing a surge of attacks – from ransomware to remote code execution attacks. One of the most important things to note is that if you are targeted, it is out of your control; it is someone else’s choice. What you can control is how prepared you are for an attack – you can prepare well to secure your environment. In this year, 2022, and in the year to follow, we may see Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) becoming stronger. The bar attackers have set, in terms of how sophisticated their attacks are, is getting lowered with each passing day, as they can easily purchase or rent tools and services to launch attacks. It will not come as a surprise if companies start paying subscriptions to attack organizations, for not attacking them. We can see that ransomware attackers are collaborating with another class of attackers called the initial access brokers, who specialize in infiltrating victim’s infrastructure.

DD: Which sectors have been the most targeted in terms of cyberattacks? 

RG: It is no news that the most targeted sectors today are financial institutions, such as banks, government entities, and healthcare. Several customers from these sectors have reached out to us and have openly shared that they’ve been under constant attack, even after having multiple layers of best of breed solutions. We have supported customers in securing their networks with Virsec, specifically with our Deterministic Protection Platform, and during GISEC, we have seen an enormous amount of interest based on our approach towards making cyberthreats irrelevant and making the country cybersafe.

DD: How will DPP provide more security into the software workload at runtime in real-time? (Taken from approved content)

RG: With DPP, there is constant visibility into a software’s workload as it is being executed. This is not just into application components, but spans vulnerable workloads, files, processes and memory space that are typically targeted by attackers. Having such thorough visibility into systems during runtime allows organizations to pay attention to any inconsistencies and boost their security for sensitive or critical information. Unlike typical solutions that enable threats to progress as various incidents are evaluated or precedence is established, DPP ensures early attack eradication for zero attacker dwell-time without affecting system operations. DPP provides a deeper layer of protection while enabling a direct line of sight into all software code and workload – true runtime observability, without impacting performance. Organizations want security that is convenient, and DPP offers this by instantly mapping the application workload within milliseconds once it is launched, deterministically allowing only known “good behaviour” as defined by the parameters of the software.

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