Acronis at GISEC 2022: Only Data Protection or Cybersecurity is Not Enough Now, Acronis Brings Integrated Solutions to Cybersecurity

Mareva Koulamallah, Head of Marketing and Communication MEA Acronis, talks about integrated cybersecurity solutions and environment friendly data centers

GISEC 2022 took the tech world by storm from March 21 – 23 2022, and we got in conversation with tech giants from the UAE. Acronis leads the cyber protection space with its fully integrated solution. Mareva Koulamallah, Head of Marketing and Communication MEA Acronis, presented the cyber protection firm. She talked about how the solution differentiates from the rest in the cybersecurity segment, about cyber threats being there for all types of business and how environment-friendly data centers offer hybrid answers.

Dubai Diaries: Tell us about your participation at GISEC this year – what are you focusing on and what do you expect to achieve? 

Mareva Koulamallah: Acronis, this year at GISEC, presents the latest features from its integrated one-stop solution for cybersecurity matters. In fact, our console integrates both cybersecurity and data protection and is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We also look forward to meeting with potential new partners and engaging with visitors.

DD: How do you see the cybersecurity industry in the UAE?  Has it become more aware of the threats and vulnerabilities? Is it more adaptable to these changes? 

MK: The interesting thing about the UAE market is that it leads the way with very proactive cybersecurity initiatives in the region from its government. It has strong leadership. A lot more enterprises, of all types, be it small, medium or big ones, now better realize that there are cyber risks. However, when it comes to taking initiatives or applying cybersecurity strategies they do not always do it or know the steps they need to take and that is why we are here; to help educate.

DD: Is cyber threat equal for small and large businesses? What protection does Acronis offer against malware and cyber threat?

MK: Cyber threat is equal to any company. It does not really matter what the size of the company is, the threat is equal and is real. Acronis has a solution that integrates multiple features under a single agent: anti-malware, anti-ransomware, antivirus, remote desktop control, DRaas, backup, DLP and more.

DD: What are Acronis’ key focus areas for this year and the year ahead?

MK: Acronis will continue to promote its unique integrated solution which avoids having to use multiple vendors. It is now also focusing on launching a series of data centers around the world and especially in the MEA region as it is key to be able to host data locally. We have a plan of opening 110 data centers in 2 years, worldwide. We have opened over 50 in many countries already in less than a year; we just opened a data center in South Africa and Nigeria in Q1 and we have more openings in Q2 in both Africa and the Middle East.

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