RoadSafetyUAE and Volkswagen: ‘Running Late’, the Main Culprit for Road Accidents

Majority of UAE motorists claim to start their trips late that leads to motorists speeding, tailgating, driving distracted and being less considerate to others

From earlier studies about the main causes of reckless driving the hypothesis crystallized, that ‘running late’ is the root cause for much of UAE motorists’ misbehavior.  Hence, this new and vital study looking into all the dimensions of ‘running late’ is of truly critical importance to understand the consequences and the ‘quick-fix’ solution for poor time management or ’running late’.

‘Running Late’, the Main Culprit for Road Accidents – Study by Volkswagen & RoadSafetyUAE
Thomas Edelmann, Founder & Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE

Thomas Edelmann, Founder & Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE states: “The simple fact of ‘running late’ has such a detrimental effect on our safety, that we had the urge to understand more about it. We are delighted to teaming up with our CSR-Partner Volkswagen for this very important research project. It is of great significance that we bring these insights in front of our motorists, for them to reflect on their time management, for them to understand the dire consequences of ‘running late’ and for them to apply the easy and free-of-cost fix of ‘starting early.”

Victor Dalmau, Managing Director at Volkswagen Middle East adds: “For Volkswagen, safety is, and will always be, our top priority. Therefore, we feel that, beyond producing cars with the latest technology on active and passive safety features, our responsibility is also to make drivers really aware of the importance of safe driving and helping them to achieve it. We have held already safety campaigns over the past years and we are now taking this further through our partnership with RoadSafetyUAE.”

While males and females both admit to start their trips equally late, males have a significantly higher tendency to consequently display forms of reckless driving (speeding: 83% vs. 71%; tailgating 62% vs. 52%; distracted driving 53% vs. 43%).

The segment of young drivers in the age group of 18-34 years shows the highest values of resulting misbehavior ‘almost every time’ and ‘often’ in the categories of running late, speeding, tailgating, less consideration to others and distracted driving! Exactly the same applies for the segment of Emirati motorists.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi stands out in terms of resulting speeding, tailgating and distracted driving.

“It is absolutely not rocket science, and motorists themselves do understand the power of the ‘easy fix’! A staggering 82% think that ‘starting early’ would mean more safety! Motorists also clearly understand the benefits of ‘arriving early’.

What is holding us back? We must reflect on this single root cause of ‘running late’ which causes so much pain on our roads. It is so easy and it does not cost anything! We would like to see all involved stakeholders like governmental entities, the media, corporations and the education sector to focus on awareness-creating initiatives around ‘Start your road trip early!’” Edelmann concludes.

The dedicated topic on RoadSafetyUAE’s portal with tips & tricks can be found here: The survey was commissioned by Volkswagen and RoadSafetyUAE with a UAE representative sample of 1,006 respondents. It was conducted by a global online market research agency

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