IRIS Eyewear Brings Preventive Solutions to Eye Problems Using Future Technologies

IRIS eyewear aims at easing the visual fatigue caused by screens as well as reducing risks of eye problems by preventive solutions using future technologies.  

IRIS Eyewear is looking to penetrate the current eyewear market by creating a stylish self-care and well-being brand with a reasonable price tag to the consumer. Taking the international health standards into account the MENA brand is using the latest technology to enhance the way we try and buy glasses. Where once you’d have to hit the mall for hours to find the right pair of glasses or shades, IRIS Eyewear is using technology to level up the eyewear market.

They are creating an online shopping experience from the future where customers can try on their glasses using augmented reality real-time technology, and an online vision self-test. Furthermore they’re taking that a step further by being one of the first in the region to create a virtual kiosk in an immersive Metaverse experience, Semblance World. 

Mr.  Issa Younes CMO & co-Founder of IRIS Eyewear

Their tech-backed approach extends to their reasonably-priced glasses where blue-light lenses come as standard issue. Blue light side effects are vast, ranging from dry eyes to physical and mental fatigue, headaches, disrupted sleep patterns and reduced productivity. 

“We realized our eyes were being exposed to harmful blue light for many hours every day. We wanted a solution to protect our eyes and improve our lifestyle. After extensive research, we discovered that the current products on the market were ineffective, expensive and of low quality, so we decided to come up with our own solution – Iris!” Issa Younes CMO & co-Founder

IRIS’s prescription and non-prescription lenses block the blue light by 100%. They are scratch-resistant, superhydrophobic, anti-static and hard-wearing. IRIS Eyewear is using the latest functional & health-conscious innovation to provide cherry picked fashionable eyewear styles, frames and colours that help the customers represent their identity.

As well as protecting your eyes in style, one of the hallmarks for IRIS Eyewear is its eco-conscious approach including a carbon-neutral website. Many of the models use biodegradable materials reducing landfill waste. And thanks to their partnership with Tree-Nation, they’ll give customers the chance to plant a tree with every purchase.

Mr.  Marc Tanas CEO & co-Founder of IRIS Eyewear

“We founded IRIS with people’s best interest in mind. The sole purpose of IRIS is to help people get high-quality glasses at reasonable prices. We want everyone to be able to protect their eyes, as well as their loved ones’ eyes while showing their characteristics and true style through our glasses.” Marc Tanas CEO & co-Founder.

In addition to allowing customers to virtually try on glasses using augmented reality and online vision checks, IRIS Eyewear is working on 3D tailor-printed glasses and creating on-demand physical eye tests. 

“We applied extensive research and product sampling from all around the world and examined multiple business models before designing our current model and 360 vision care company and products” Younes concluded.

Alongside that, the company is set to launch their IRIS Protection Plus subscription model with great offers including replacing damaged glasses, free eye tests, lens replacement and free model and style upgrades. 

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