Adyen & Shiji Partner to Streamline Hospitality Payments

Running a hotel has become less complicated as two technology leaders come together to offer an all-in-one solution

Adyen (AMS:ADYEN), the global payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, today announced the launch of its integration with Shiji Payments, providing hospitality businesses the ability to utilize the Adyen platform together with Shiji, a leader in the provision of technological solutions for the hospitality, food service, retail, and entertainment industries.

This new integration simplifies the payment process for hospitality businesses by removing the need for a list of platforms and suppliers which usually includes separate processes for property management systems, food and beverage point of sale, and guest experience platforms not to mention the different payments service providers for each.

“Our partnership with Adyen allows us to further improve the operational efficiency of our customers by providing a platform that guarantees a truly seamless and personalized experience for their hotel guests,” said Michael Balzer, VP Shiji Payments, Shiji.

With only two companies, Adyen and Shiji, hotels can consolidate all of these front-end business systems and payment needs, including having the same point of sale setups across regions and easier reconciliation across all channels. This, in the end, provides the best possible customer service. These integrated features power the seamless journey that customers expect nowadays.

Commenting on the partnership, Sander Maertens, Head of Middle East at Adyen, said: “Adyen is excited to partner with Shiji Payments. This is a long term strategic collaboration for us in the region. With Shiji’s leadership in hospitality sector, covering over 91,000 hotels and 200,000 restaurants, and a strong footprint in the Middle East, we aim to leverage this partnership to implement new digital innovations in the payment space. The hospitality sector will benefit from our combined, seamless payment integrations with specialist functionalities and encryption security.”

Munich-based hospitality brand Ruby Hotels is an early adopter of the combined proposition.

“As we looked to expand, we realized we needed a partner to not only facilitate, but accelerate our growth”, said Tobias Koehler, Group Director, Systems & Commerce of Ruby Hotels. “Given our ‘Lean luxury’ philosophy, we are always on the lookout for tech that will help us concentrate on the essentials and improve the efficiency of our operations, in order to provide exceptional guest experiences. By partnering with Shiji Group and Adyen, we can integrate their modernized payment systems into our centralized tech stack to optimize our tech automation.”

“Removing complexity is what we do at Adyen and this partnership allows us to further do so for the hospitality sector,” comments Roelant Prins, Chief Commercial Officer of Adyen, “Combining Adyen with Shiji’s range of solutions turns a traditionally complex business into a single customer experience. Working together means we can facilitate more advanced customer journeys for our joint hospitality customers and their guests. We’re really looking forward to watching this relationship bloom.”

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