Cloud Box Technologies partners with Taeknizon to boost digitalization in the UAE

Cloud Box Technologies and Taeknizon will assess, design and recommend digital transformation plans to organizations in the UAE.

Cloud Box Technologies (CBT), a leading IT Infrastructure solutions provider in the Middle East, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with Taeknizon, a fast-growing private cloud provider in the Middle East and Asia.

Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies

Taeknizon specializes in designing and delivering large-scale and complex IT networking and data center projects. It helps customers integrate advanced and highly secure cloud technologies, comprising cognitive computing, private cloud services, cyber security, and hybrid cloud models. The partnership will give CBT access to Taeknizon’s diverse list of clients across multiple verticals. It will also enable CBT and Taeknizon to tap into the post-pandemic growth in demand for cloud solutions.

“Adding Taeknizon’s cloud offering will be an absolute game changer to our business. We see great traction in the market for digitalization — and cloud is a crucial element of any digitalization process. Taeknizon’s Taekni cloud fulfilled all local and international compliances, and their highly customizable cloud solutions are locally stored in UAE,” said Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies.

Anithan Chandran, CEO, Taeknizon

As a value-added solutions provider, CBT will approach its customers and offer them complimentary consultation with Taeknizon to assess, design and recommend a digital transformation plan. CBT will front-end the deals from a technology perspective. Currently, the partnership covers the UAE, but can be extended worldwide based on Taeknizon’s regional presence and customer demand.

“CBT has a proven track record and is well-established in the UAE market. CBT’s technical expertise to upsell cloud technologies is top-notch. Besides, CBT’s market experience and access to the end customers is an added value,” said Anithan Chandran, CEO, Taeknizon.

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