King’s College Hospital London in Dubai Inks Strategic Partnership with bioniq

King’s College Hospital London in Dubai and bioniq, a leading research-based health monitoring platform have signed an agreement that will give patients access to evidence-based, personalized nutritional supplements.

During the signing Mr Christian Schuhmacher, King’s Chief Executive Officer reiterated on the importance of taking personal steps to prevent certain illnesses.

“At King’s we are always championing the importance of optimal health and wellbeing, and by linking self-care health interventions to our health system pathways, like the evidence- based health management offered by bioniq LIFE, we believe that we will be giving our patients a more convenient access to improved health and wellbeing.”

Mr Schuhmacher added that King’s is a world-renowned name when it comes to offering evidence-based medicine and value-based high-quality healthcare, which follows the guidelines of King’s College Hospital in the UK and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), in addition to having a multi-disciplinary team of world class medical experts who are the best in their fields.

“Our company aims to maximize the quality of people’s lives around the world. We are proud and excited about our partnership with one of the leading hospitals in the UAE, King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, that will facilitate the process of making health accessible and actionable for everyone.” – Vadim Fedotov, CEO and co-founder of bioniq.

Some of the common self-care interventions include adopting a well-balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle, and mindfulness, which are very important components in achieving optimal health and wellbeing. With the current Covid-19 climate, adopting a health-focused self-care lifestyle is vital and very beneficial. Not only for those who have the after-effects of the virus (also known as Long-Covid), but for everyone in general.

bioniq LIFE, a signature product by bioniq, offers an extensive 50-parameter blood test, which allows patients to determine their personalized nutrition plan, as well as a bespoke micronutrients formula comprising up to 120 Swiss-produced components in the form of granular delivered directly to your doorstep from the company’s laboratory in London. The blood test is assumed to be repeated on a bi-monthly basis, leading to consistent smart data-collection throughout the year and preventative approach to health.

Artificial intelligence lies at the heart of this service, due to the unique algorithm developed by bioniq, which is based on the biochemical analyses of over 2 million data points, taken from 30,000 blood tests conducted in 12,000 participants. This algorithm will not only help determine what supplements you should be taking, but also what parameters need to be tested as you progress on your health journey, including blood, microbiome and genetics to give a full analysis of your health status.

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