OCR Park Adds Three New Obstacles to the Kids’ Course Route

Part of the park’s mission to get young people in the UAE active

The UAE’s largest permanent obstacle course site, OCR Park,at Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District by Modon Properties, is on a mission to get young people in the UAE active and outdoors. The adventure park has added three exciting new obstacles to the kids’ course route for 2021 to get them moving and motivated to try something new.

A great way to offset the reduced movement and cancelled sporting activities due to COVID-19 restrictions and home schooling, the three new obstacles at OCR Park are positioned over an 800m course route, and will test young people’s team work capabilities, ask them to face their fears, and will have them safely enjoying a whole day of fitness fun.

New for 2021 and adding to the course’s existing five obstacles is Rambo, a super fun rope swing challenge that emulates a playground favourite, the monkey bars, which will get the kids to swing across the obstacle and take a leap of faith on to surrounding cargo netting to make it to the other side of the obstacle.  

The Sergeant is also new for this year and another exciting swing challenge that has been added to the course. The obstacle sets kids the task of walking across swaying swings whilst using their upper body strength to guide them across the challenge. I See The Light also adds to the lineup of new obstacles for 2021 and will get kids to conquer their fears by challenging them to crawl through cargo netted tubes to make it through the other side.

Fun for all ages, the 94,843sqm OCR park is the UAE’s only dedicated OCR Park in Abu Dhabi that features both a 1.5km track for adults with eight challenging obstacles along the way, and an 800m track for children that features eight obstacles. The OCR Park merges together obstacle course racing and endurance fitness, with the latest in technology to create an innovative new fitness challenge. The park has been inspired by hands-on, functional cross training activities, that people need to adapt to whilst tackling man-made obstacles along the way.

OCR Park follows strict COVID-19 government guidelines to ensure the safety of all its visitors. For more information about OCR Park and to check the park’s health and safety information please visit, All bookings must be made in advance of arrival in line with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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