Dinh Van Presents The Menottes Collection

The everyday handcuffs

The Menottes dinh van is the most iconic collection of the House. In 1976, Jean dinh van himself drew inspiration from the shape of a key head to design a key ring that could easily separate two keys. Attached to a chain, this ingenious system became an unconventional clasp and spiritual as it embodies attachment between two lovers.

While clasps are traditionally concealed in fine jewelry, dinh van chooses to turn its clasp into the main highlight of the piece. Aptly nicknamed as Menottes dinh van – handcuffs – because once the two elements are interlaced, it is practically impossible to separate them again representing attachment in both pragmatic and spiritual way.

The Menottes dinh van today is a symbol of the bond between two loved ones.

Rings, chain rings, woven bracelets, earrings, and long pearl chains paired with matching earing. All the styles are available in white, pink, yellow gold. Particular yet iconic, encrusted with diamonds illuminate each shape, providing you a forever lock.

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