BenQ Launches Eye Care Monitors GW2480T and GW2780T with Monitor Light ScreenBar

Global leader in digital lifestyle innovations, BenQ announces its latest Eye-Care monitors GW2480T and GW2780T along with a Monitor Light ScreenBar. Together they make a powerful combination for safeguarding eye health, especially during the work and study from home environment established during this pandemic, which has lead to prolonged screen time for both adults & kids.

GW2780T is the 27-inch edition of its smaller forerunner, GW2480T, the 24-inch monitor, featuring the latest eye-care technologies and height adjustment stand. These monitors are complemented by the BenQ ScreenBar e-Reading Monitor Lamp, which is an intelligent clip-on monitor light with advanced sensors and dimmable features designed for consumers’ viewing comfort.

“Considering the harmful effects of increased screen time that students and people working from home are facing today, it becomes a responsibility for providers like us to design technological solutions that protect eye health. Our latest eye care monitors have been carefully crafted to safeguard users’ vision and make ideal learning tools for students who are increasingly suffering from short sightedness due to increased screen time.

The GW2780T and GW2480T coupled with the ScreenBar delivers complete eye care. They are equipped with features that significantly reduce eye strain and the ill effects of amplified viewing periods.” said  Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East.

BenQ GW2480T and BenQ GW2780T Eye-Care Monitors are one of the very first monitors that have been designed especially for vision health, including BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Technology (BI) that automatically scales screen brightness according to the ambient light of the surroundings and enhancing dark areas on the display screen without overexposing bright regions to reduce eyestrain. The monitors include Low Blue Light Technology that effectively filters out harmful ultra-violet blue light that leads to decrease in melatonin, a chemical, that is for good sleep quality and eye health. The Color Weakness Mode gives students a better perception of natural color by offering filters for red color deficiency (or protanomaly) and green color deficiency (deuteranomaly).

The USB-powered clip-on ScreenBar e-Reading light has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and eliminates reflective glare off the screen that most traditional desk lamps cannot do. It’s auto-dimming technology built-in with ambient light sensor brilliantly improves your desk lighting conditions adjusting to the surrounding light. Its Hue Adjustment technology can deliver up to 500 lux of lighting across eight different color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K providing eye comfort. The Eye-Care LED light source is intelligently designed to not use any adhesives or screws; instead it uses an adjustable weight and clip system that can fit on the edges of your monitor.

Learn what BenQ Eye Care technology focuses on and why Doctors recommend that: BenQ Eye Care Monitor is the Best Eye Care Monitor today.

Learn More about the three models: Eye-Care monitors GW2480T and GW2780T and BenQ ScreenBar

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