Gargash Hospital and DermoViva Baby Educate Little Ones on Hygiene, to Promote a Healthier Society

Teaching children about the spread of germs and how to avoid it, is a challenge for most parents. To make this task easier for parents through entertaining ways, Gargash Hospital and DermoViva Baby collaborated to educate little ones on hygiene, with a view to promote health, safety and a happier society, in honour of the upcoming UAE National Day.

Thefun, educational event at the UAE’s first female-owned, multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital with primary focus on women and childcare, was held for the hospital’s pediatric patients. The little ones were educated on proper hand hygiene and mask wearing. There was also a wide range of enjoyable activities including an interactive comedy magic show with Magic Phil – the UAE’s favorite children’s entertainer and radio personality – and a coloring station where the children together created a large UAE flag.

Dr. Zubair Lone gave talks on the importance of good hygiene and mask wearing – including the safe way to wash hands, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, as well as how to correctly wear a mask, and for how long.

Dr Zubair Lone, Pediatrician and Neonatologist at Gargash Hospital said, “We are now approaching flu season and must remain vigilant against COVID-19, meaning it’s more important than ever to protect ourselves and others. We organized this event to ensure a safer, healthier and happier society, which is one of the key tenets of the UAE, and, we thought this is a great way to celebrate the upcoming UAE National Day by helping the younger ones to lead a fuller, healthier life. We helped the children to understand how correct hand washing and mask wearing are two of the simplest yet most effective ways to help prevent flu and COVID-19 by reducing the spread of germs.”

Every child also received a DermoViva Baby ‘Bundle of joy’ gift pack, comprising one bottle each of Olive Shampoo, Olive Massage Oil and Olive Moisturizing Lotion, plus a tube of Olive Soft Cream.

Nisha Ganapathy, Senior Product Manager, DermoViva at Dabur International said, “We are delighted to partner with Gargash Hospital on this important initiative that will ensure a healthier, happier society as we gear up for the UAE National Day celebrations. These are concerning times, and we are pleased to help provide education that children and their parents will find reassuring. The children enjoyed the day’s activities in honour of UAE National Day greatly, leaving them with many happy memories.” Containing the goodness of virgin olive oil and nature’s herbs, DermoViva Baby products are specially formulated to care for the delicate skin and hair of babies and children in the most natural way. They contain no harsh chemicals and are dermatologically tested in Germany.

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