Mercedes-Benz Reveals New Interiors in Flagship S-Class 2021 Model

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class interiors can be experienced with many senses – vision, touch, hearing and smell

Mercedes-Benz’s much-desired S-Class has always set high standards for luxurious and comfortable travel.  With the soon to be unveiled new generation of its S-Class, the designers at Mercedes-Benz have decided to give the interiors a fully evolved look and feel that transforms into a “third place”; a sanctuary between home and workplace.

We take a closer look at what customers can look forward to in the new 2021 S-Class.

Nearly all comfort-related dimensions of both variants of the S-Class with short and long wheelbase, have been improved on the front and rear seats. The generous sense of space is complemented by the revolutionary interior design, including associations with interior architecture and yacht design elements. In addition to the up to five screens, highlights include the large trim elements in the dashboard and in the rear (with the First Class rear suite). A particularly appealing version is open-pore wood veneer permeated by delicate, form-following inlays made of real aluminium.

“Our S-Class customers are highly discerning. With the new S-Class, we invite them to a completely new luxury experience. It is underpinned by our ‘Sensual Purity’ design philosophy and our absolute commitment to quality and attention to detail. The result is a revolutionary interior experience caught between digital and analogue luxury”, Hartmut Sinkwitz, Head of Interior Design

The designers have truly created a feel-good ambience with lounge character marked by elegance, high quality and lightness. The new S-Class can be experienced with many senses – vision, touch, hearing and smell. They can be assigned to the areas of support, protection, interaction and wellness.

The new architecture, modern surface design and ergonomic display arrangement of the dashboard is a particular highlight. But the feel-good aspect goes even deeper: With high ride quality and low noise levels as well as an extensive range of ENERGIZING Comfort programmes, the S-Class looks after the well-being of its passengers. They also stay fit thanks to the effective air filtering system, which signals its newly gained capability with the new name

The active ambient lighting powered by LED technology is integrated into the driving assistance systems and is able to underpin alerts visually. In addition, feedback is possible when operating the climate control system or the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant, for instance. The ambient lighting furthermore is integrated into ENERGIZING Comfort Control. At the touch of a button or by voice command, its holistic “Fit & Healthy” approach provides a tangible experience of the in part significantly advanced comfort systems in the S-Class, and features programmes that bundle them into worlds of experience. At the same time, the system creates a suitable atmosphere in the interior – for example, invigorating in case of fatigue or relaxing in case of an elevated stress level. The ENERGIZING COACH even suggests an appropriate fitness or wellness programme based on vehicle and trip data. It also factors the information about the sleep quality and stress level into its intelligent algorithm if the driver has a suitable smartphone or wears a fitness bracelet.

The new S-Class will be launched in the UAE in early September.

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