The Victor Closet Launches New Couture Collection

The Couture Collection is hand-made in the UAE

The Victor Closet presents a collection that is going to absolutely stun the Middle Eastern Region with it’s elegant yet red-carpet ready looks. The collection is set to release on the 8th of July 2020.

The Night Is Couture is made for people with a unique taste. This collection speaks loud for those who wish to make a bold statement on a special occasion. Some may wear these elegant pieces as red carpet looks, as party wear, or in general a night out to a fancy after-party.

“At Victor we don’t just make clothes we make identities,” says Martin Al Masri, the co-founder and CEO of The Victor Closet.

The couture collection is hand-made locally in the UAE with their talented in-house designers. The choice of fabric design and sketching is done by the Victor board and every piece is carefully selected. There is no other couture that is available on e-commerce. Especially considering the current pandemic situation, this is affordable couture.

The craftsmanship starts all the way from fabrics until the final piece. Each couture outfit piece takes about 1 week to make. For example one outfit from this collection called “Osiris”, has laser cut mirrors that are manually placed piece by piece.

Usually The Victor Closet creates and caters for avant-garde street wear, which highlights that this collection is the first of its of kind to be introduced on their website ​​

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