What Is Your Shade This Summer?

Summer Shades With Cleo By MARLI New York

This summer, MARLI invites you to take a journey through the vivid and eloquent shades found in the Cleo by MARLI collection. Summer with Cleo Shades delves into vibrant bursts of color in 18K rose, yellow and white gold with illuminating diamonds. MARLI’s effervescent summer shades shine brightly this season and reflect the dynamic personality of the MARLI women.

MARLI New York is one of the first international fine jewellery brands that introduced a bevy of rich intense color options. Every season MARLI explores an array of gemstones and pays homage to the distinctive personalities and emotions found in women. Each shade embodies three intricate emotions that are weaved into the everyday lives of the woman who seeks to embark on a color journey with MARLI.

White moon stone: Hope. Love. Growth.

Pink coral: Imagination. Intuition. Confidence.

Sea blue chalcedony: Optimistic. Calm. Reflective.

Pink Opal: Peaceful. Positive. Ambitious.

Chalcedony: Kind. Reliable. Generous

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