Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving This Father’s Day

Look no further, One Good Thing have everything you need for a truly feel good Father’s Day

One Good Thing brings creators and customers together, facilitating the sharing of authentic stories and challenging our perceptions of recycling, luxury and consumption.

Featuring 17 brands with over 550 products and growing, inspirational items range from one-of-a- kind jewellery and sustainable bags, to reclaimed wood headphones, conservation-focused camping gear, and an upcycled travel section.

“There are three things that no matter where people are from, what lifestyle they lead, that seem to be the common thread – they love the simplicity of being able to do good; they are moved by the stories and halo effect of their purchase that has a traceable impact all the way through the supply chain and beyond; and they appreciate the trendy designs, quality, and genuine uniqueness of the products that appeals to everyone, not just those who are consciously seeking to buy sustainably.” Explains Bridgett Lau, Co-Founder, One Good Thing.

Gift Ideas

Elvis & Kresse Bill-Fold Wallet 365 AED

From lifesaving to lifestyle. Made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose. Previously deployed in active duty for up to 25 years, fighting fires around the UK, the hose softens with use but doesn’t lose its strength. The wallet is lined with reclaimed military grade parachute silk.

Elvis & Kresse Compact Firehose Briefcase 1240 AED

Let’s face it, there’s often not a great deal to say about a brief-case. They are not traditionally one of the most noteworthy genres of bag. This one however, is on a mission to change all of that. It’s made of decommissioned fire-hoses, has a lining made of parachute silk, has plenty of room to carry around a 14′′ laptop and all its wires and can be carried around in the hand or with the detachable shoulder strap. If you have any briefs, they will no doubt fit in there too. Available in the traditional red or if you really want to make a statement, the limited edition yellow fire-hose.

Impact –

The sustainable raw materials that go into making this product have been rescued and reused.

Illustrate Organic T-Shirt 130 AED

Designed by Toby Brunsden from Bristol, UK. This superbly simple and subtle geometric howling wolf design on a plain black tee is ideal for everyday wearing. If you’re looking for a high quality t-shirt that makes a statement and is a little bit different from the rest, then look no further. All Illustrate t-shirts are 100% certified organic cotton, ethically made and only available in the Middle East through One Good Thing.

Happy Father’s Day


Illustrate’s organic cotton t-shirts are hand-printed and the entire supply chain is fully certified to ensure the most ethical of practices. For each one bought, a tree is planted on your behalf.

LSTN Satellite Bluetooth Speaker 365 AED

This stylish speaker’s genuine wood casing ensures each one is unique and provides premium quality sound in a compact unit. At less than 8 cm tall, you can really take it anywhere and with up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, you can always be the life and soul of the party. You can also take calls wherever you are without missing a beat with the built-in speakerphone capabilities.

Available in Zebra Wood or Walnut casing.


Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide.

Half United “Eastwood” Pendant – 130 AED

Acting as a symbol of the fight against global hunger, the Eastwood pendant, made from genuine used bullet casings. It takes something that is usually seen as a symbol of harm and violence and turns it into a symbol of redemption, peace and hope.

Impact –

For every Half United product you buy, you are providing 7 meals to a child in need.

Article 22 ‘B52’ Sterling Silver Cufflinks 600 AED

In collaboration with Parisian brand ‘The Nines’ These exclusive and original cufflinks feature solid sterling silver settings and aluminum ‘bombs’ made from genuine recovered ordinance from Laos.

Hand cast re-purposed military grade aluminum – our PEACEBOMB Aluminium metal includes Vietnam War era bombs, plane parts, military hardware and other aluminum scrap.

Between 1964 and 1973 during the Vietnam War more than 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on the land of Laos, the most bombed country in the history of mankind.

Buying these cufflinks will clear 9m2 of mined land in Laos.

One Good Thing


Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian livelihoods, village development and further demining in Laos. Your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

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