Santoni Colours to order for Her

Luxury Italian footwear brand Santoni has introduced a new and exclusive personalization service for its female clientele. The “MYSANTONICOLOURS” section of the website allows patrons to customize their own footwear by picking one colour from the wide range available or even by creating unexpected two-coloured combinations, all painted by hand by Santoni master craftsmen. The palette consists of 12 shades with more than 300 possible combinations.

The new “MYSANTONICOLOURS” service, already available for men, represents an evolution of a creative process since-ever married with the highest craftsmanship, targeting those people who love to actively contribute to the creation of an exclusive product with their own individual taste.

The protagonist is the icon of the Maison, the model with a double buckle, which has become over the time the emblem of Santoni style. An additional element of personalization available is the possibility to sign the internal sole with one’s own hot-stamped initials.

In 3 simple steps, discerning customers  and style maniacs can order a unique customized product and receive it at their doorstep in four weeks.

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